Want To Get Rid Of Possum Pests? 5 Tips

The appearance of the possum may look cute but they carry diseases along with them. Possums are white, gray, and brown in color and have sharp and pointed teeth. Possum uses their tails to limb and grasp into the branches so Possum Removal is really necessary. So, they make their place in your house and property.

Possum Pests
Possum Pests

Here are the steps for Possum Removal:-

  • Live Cage Trap

One of the most popular methods for pest Removal is a live cage trap. The modern approach to pest management staff utilizes the live traps and keeps the possum alive and traps them. After that, you can relocate them elsewhere. The live cage traps are available for rodents and larger animals so you can purchase the traps according to your choice.

  • Use the right size trap

Sometimes people are totally unaware of the size of the possum and they purchase too small a trap. So always try to purchase a larger size trap which is 32 inches long and 12 inches wide. The possums can fit easily in these traps. 

  • Use right bait

Mix the apple with fish and cat food and bait the trap. You can use the marshmallows to attract the possums. This method will also target the untargeted pests and cats and capture stray cats. Once the Possum gets trapped they get mental stress and trauma. They become more destructive and skittish than usual. To scare the possums you can use electronic repellents as the repellents are eco-friendly. 

  • Check the trap on a regular basis

After placing the trap check it after a regular interval. With the right possum solution staff, you can remove and relocate large rodents. Never take the job of possum controller lightly as the experts relocate their location which is helpful for our ecosystem. Try to relocate the possum quickly. If you don’t pay attention to possum for a long period of time then they may dehydrate, or die and may have heat stroke. 

  • Install special fencing

If you have a possum in your garden then keep them away with a wire or electric fence. With a top foot facing outward keep the facing 4 feet high to create an overhang. Set the electric fence at an outward angle. Block the underneath porches, stairways, and crawl spaces. Use steel wire mesh and sheet metal to cover the openings. 

The common signs of a possum on your property include:

  • Strange Noises
  • Foul Odors
  • Exterior Damage
  • Repeated Possum Sightings


If the possum keeps showing up in your yard again and again then give them their own space by having a nesting box. If you don’t treat the possum timely in your house then you may feel anxious. Hire a Professional Pest Exterminator to get rid of them. The experts use the best methods and techniques to remove the possum and also develop a future plan. They also recommend the correct methods to deal with a possum in your yard and home.